Flashback Fridays


Vancouver Sun (Date of publishing unkown)

If you are looking for a wilderness holiday, a place away from the city concrete and the urban unrest, consider a week-long vacation at Strathcona Outdoor Education Centre on Vancouver Island. This unique lodge offers a family adventure program that will appeal to children as well as parents. You will have an opportunity to explore a piece of the Pacific coast in the area of historic Friendly Cove.


Young and old alike will be introduced to the 6,000-year history of the Nootka Indians. Participants travel via the vessel, Uchuck III, to spend three days in this area of the west coast of Vancouver Island.

After this experience you take an overnight canoeing trip to the Wolf River.  Here you can enjoy the mountain scenery of Strathcona Park and learn wilderness camping skills. Or, you can choose to stay at Strathcona and take a series of day trips which would take your family on a trail hike; a boat ride to Friendly Cove; learn canoe strokes and take a short ride; visit Quadra Island to study Indian culture; practice sailing in a small craft on Upper Campbell; fish for trout in local waters, or everyone can try his or her skill at rock climbing or rappelling.  Families who have teenagers may be interested in the canoeing, kayaking, coastal and alpine backpacking, and white water canoeing trips offered at the Strathcona centre.  If you feel really adventurous you may choose the 13-day safari which takes you on a west coast canoe camping venture and alpine hikes. You are accompanied by professional guides and all food and equipment is supplied.