Flash Back Fridays


A quiet moment at the wheel.

The Salal jam making and Writing workshops were highlights in the Lodge schedule but many other interesting and informative workshops were offered. The natural beauty surrounding the Lodge provided inspiration for top artists and students from a variety of fields. ‘Native Use of Plants’ was also run by Joy Inglis and displayed her vast knowledge of the culture of the Northwest Coast Natives. During this workshop attendees were exposed to the wealth of knowledge gathered through many generations of experimentation, careful observation and exchange of experiences that allowed the Native people to become superbly adapted to their environment. Specifically, they explored, through field experiences and slides, the many ways in which plants were used. This included harvesting and preparation techniques and, of course, sampling. Other hands-on workshops run at the Lodge were the ‘Basic Carving Course’ and ‘Pottery and Clay Modelling’. The former was run by Earl R. Carter and Anna T. Vaughan, grandchildren of the famous carver Dudley Carter, and instructed students on all aspects of wood carving from selection of wood to sanding and oiling. The latter course was run by B.C. potter Gunther Schneider. Over five days participants explored the theme: “The inner and outer gravity and levity, both convex and concave; a study of polarity and balance through modelling and wheel work in clay.” Jack Jackovich and Alan Bone teamed up to run a five-day painting workshop. Beginner and intermediate students covered canvas sketching, surface preparation, under painting and colour theory. A group show on the final day of the course allowed them to highlight their existing and newly acquired skills.