Flash Back Fridays


The Strathcona Park Lodge and Outdoor Education Centre here has expanded its program for 1980, bringing to forty the number of wilderness adventure trips and skills programs it offers. Also, the Centre has begun aggressive marketing in the industry with the addition of IT numbers to all programs except for the four-month apprenticeship plan.

Cooperating carriers are Canadian Pacific Air, Air Canada and Pacific Western Airlines.

CraigSeale,who donated weeks of his time in order to complete the Seale House—named after him

“Book with you local travel agent,” is also a new slogan appearing on the brochure. This year’s 8 1⁄2 by 11 inch folder features more black-and-white photographs of participants on the trips as well as a four-color shell. A paragraph at the beginning of the brochure shows the trips that will be operated throughout 1980 at a glance, with ‘when’, ‘how much’, and ‘how long’ statistics.

In addition to canoeing, kayaking and sailing adventures are programs which include such activities as rock climbing, wilderness survival techniques, first aid and rescue, fishing methods, outdoor art workshop, family adventure, and log and timber construction. The Centre emphasizes that its programs are not only for the “fun of it”, but moreover, for the education to be gained. University credit is offered for the majority of the programs. Each trip is designated with one star (easy), two stars (moderate) or three stars (strenuous). To determine whether clients qualify for a particular trip, agents should ask if they are able to jog for one kilometer (*), for five kilometers (**), or for 10 kilometers (***).

The Centre would like to stress that the Lodge is not a hotel and does not offer hotel services such as ice, TV, telephones in rooms, bellhops or restaurant services.

Strathcona is health and nutrition conscious; its meals feature vegetables from its gardens, local fruit, fresh whole-grain breads, poultry and seafood. Located on a large acreage on the edge of a thirty- mile lake, the Center overlooks the valley entrance to Strathcona Provincial Park, a rugged mountain wilderness of over 560,000 acres in the center of Vancouver Island. With Strathcona as a base, clients can “trek through the snow-capped mountains, swim in a low-level lake and gather shellfish for their dinner all in one day”.

Strathcona programs are built around the native culture, pioneer history and natural resources indigenous to the B.C. west coast region.