Flash Back Fridays


Norm Rosein with his CBC film crew and

Norm Rosein with his CBC film crew

The height of the Lodge’s media exposure was during Josie’s second year. She hopped from lap to lap and was unstoppable. At the same time a CBC filmmaker Norm Rosein and a quiet sound man came to the lodge to shoot some film which ended up being 3 twenty minute sections for three successive nights on CBC supper time news. Called “Living on the Edge” the film followed Jim around the lodge and then out to the west coast for one of Jim’ s legendary adventures. The weather was perfect and everyone filmed was positively excited about whatever they were doing. From staff to visitors, to people on courses, the film caught the Lodge in high gear and high spirits.

Ah, those were the days when CBC spent money. And it was money well spent using helicopters, float planes, and time on the ground interviewing everyone who walked by, Norm Rosein caught the lodge exactly as participants experienced the kayaking, the ropes course, the food, and the west coast!

Next week we will present the documentary “Living on the Edge” in a 4 part series.