Flash Back Fridays


By Juli Porter, Western Wonderland, 1965

One of the cottages in the early stages of Strathcona Park Lodge.

One of the cottages in the early stages of Strathcona Park Lodge.

Jim and Myrna Boulding are both school teachers. They spend their holidays as hosts at Strathcona Park Lodge, nestled on the side of Upper Campbell Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes on Vancouver Island. It is surrounded by high snow-capped mountains and steeply sloping hills. The gardens were laid out by Clive Justice, a landscape architect from Vancouver. For those who wish more vigorous entertainment than just relaxing in the sun there is riding, swimming, the lake abounds in trout and it is possible to catch a good string before breakfast – a sportsman’s paradise.

Jim Boulding, who is an official Class A guide, will take those who so desire mountain climbing into the upper reaches, or hik ing into remote parts of the country. For small children there is a wading pool, and for the more experienced, boating. A trailer park has been placed not far away and there are cabins at the water’s edge. The Bouldings have three children, Elizabeth 7, Annie 5 and Jamie 3.

Myrna, on both sides of her family, comes from Comox V alley pioneers. Her great-grandmother came around the Horn when she was six with her mother. She was the first white woman married in the Comox Valley. Myrna’s grandmother had Myra Falls named after her when she was a young girl. Her mother and father owned the Lorne Hotel in Comox.