Flash Back Fridays


The following was written for the Daily Colonist. Avis Walton and Jack Phillips met at the Lodge in its new location.

Cedar logs were selected from trees of a uniform size, felled in the early spring during the sap running season (to maintain a clear amber color throughout) and then peeled, oiled, “V” grooved horizontally, and held together with two- foot drift bolts. Corners were notched and interlocked, grooves were slashed in every door and window setting, braces were inserted and hidden by frames. The mellow lounge has a four-square pitched ceiling, dramatized and strengthened by open beams that are criss-crossed like the lines of the Union Jack, to throw fascinating firelight shadows. A massive wrought-iron hook holds a lamp and centers on the crosses, going right through the ridge pole to the roof.

Guests enjoying the fire at Strathcona Lodge at its original location

Guests enjoying the fire at Strathcona Lodge at its original location.

The original Lodge was built in 1930 for the cost of $7000 for a millionaire tailor and his wife from San Francisco. The Henning Bergs were of Swedish stock, blond and handsome. Henning Berg died suddenly and his widow sold it to Mr. And Mrs. Whittaker who ran it as a resort for 18 years.