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Strathcona Lodge is Canadian in outlook

What you see is what you get. Jim Boulding in the city is the Jim Boulding you’ll meet in the wilds of Strathcona Park on Vancouver Island. Granted, there may be a necktie in the city, but somehow you know it’s just a piece of cloth worn like some trifling accoutrement in deference to social custom he’s long ceased believing in. Jim be- lieves in people, their potential and ability to be positive. Nothing bores him more than negativism.

The layout of the Lodge.

The layout of the Lodge.

“After 23 years in the tourism business, I know what tough times are. I know what it’s like to live with near-failure, and I also know that there’s always a way out if you’re willing to work at it,” says Jim who, with wife Myrna, owns and operates Strathcona Park Lodge as an outdoor education centre, world-renowned wilderness training centre and family resort.

The Bouldings may be out in the boonies, but they have a definite concept of Canada, tourism and its international potential.
“We have scenery that is unsurpassable,” says Jim bluntly of the 160-acre property on central Vancouver Island. “Mountains, lakes, forests, history, culture. It’s second to none and it seems to take people from outside this country to recognize just exactly what we have in this country. We are recognized and promoted in Germany by Neckermann’s and from Japan with regular groups coming to stay.
“Our wilderness training program is, I think, one of the best in the world.

We regularly have people coming from other programs around the world to take our courses. Our people go off and staff other Canadian and international wilderness and outdoor centres. It’s been that way for years.”