Flash Back Fridays


I heard about Strathcona Park Lodge through my sister, Patricia, who was going there in the spring of 1981 to work as an outdoor instructor.

I was offered a job in the office. I worked alongside Myrna and Jim Boulding. We had one typewriter and the radio phone.

I remember Jim handing me indecipherable letters to type and that he seemed to be hard of hearing. We used to tease him about his ‘selective hearing’ though, because if you said something when his back was turned that he wanted to hear about, he would turn around. Myrna appeared to be everywhere at once, always delegating and overseeing the kitchen and housekeeping. The staff sat and ate in the same place as the guests. The food was wholesome and for the most part vegetarian. One of my favourite unique Lodge foods was Loganbread.

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