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Recreational Users, Environment and Cities working together!

A really cool project combing recreational paddlers and the city of Calgary has brought a functional and safe boating opportunity for those in Calgary.  The Harvie Passage weir was created to fix a dangerous weir that has claimed the lives a few.  Click on the link here to see video of the project.   The project website can be found here.

Film Festival

The Vancouver International Film Festival is coming to the Tidemark theatre in Campbell River March 25th.  Tickets are $20.00 and the doors will be open at 7:00pm.

Green Products vs “Green Wash” Products

Radical Reels tour presented by National

Radical Reels tour presented by National Geographic and Wild Isle is coming to the Tidemark theatre March 20th, 2011. Tickets are $20 with the doors opening at 6:30. YouTube – 2011 Radical Reels (Canada/USA) Tour Trailer HD

Zero Degrees- A West Coast Winter Film

This is a great film by Dendrite Studios about winter on the west coast of Canada.


David Suzuki

David Suzuki recently presented his autobiography film on Quadra Island.  Looks like a great flick.


Bob Purdy “Elder in Training”

Bob Purdy likes to call himself an “elder in training.”  He is from Kelowna, BC and is going to stand up paddle everyday this year to raise awareness for the environment.  All donations go to the David Suzuki Foundation.  You can find his website by clicking and his Facebook page at

Staff at Play

Tuesday February 15th, 2011 will go down as a an epic day of snowboarding!  Thank you Ular, the snow goddess, for all the powder on Mount Washington!  Hope everyone gets a chance to head out into the mountains as it is still snowing!!!!


The snow has been falling all weekend and continues to fall.  Grab your skis or snowboard, call your friends and family and head for the mountains.