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Environmental Stewardship

Installing three anaerobic digesters on site reduced our garbage to city landfills by 50%.

Installing three anaerobic digesters on site reduced our garbage to city landfills by 50%.


From its very beginning, in 1959, the Lodge has led by example, fostering and teaching the principles of sustainable tourism and travel. Today, Strathcona remains completely off the grid. We generate our own power, filter our own water, follow in order the three “Rs” of waste reduction  (reduce, reuse, recycle), and protect and nurture the land around it.

In 2012 we installed three Anaerobic Digesters on site.  What is an Anaerobic Digester you say.  Well,  anaerobic digestion is a series of processes in which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen.  This is very similar to how silage on a farm is made or compost (except for the oxygen).  Something of note is the uniqueness of our location and the situations that arise when dealing with garbage such as bears, cougars and other fury animals eating the garbage.  Because of this we can not compost cooked food or food with sauces on it because it attract animals, until now that is.  With the installation of anaerobic digestors we were able to reduce our garbage to the city landfill by 50 percent.  We are always looking for new innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment and are really proud to reduce our load to the landfill by 50% in one year.

Walk the Talk with Jamie Boulding

GOLD standard in Green Tourism

The Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS) is an organization out of the UK which is the national sustainable tourism certification scheme for the UK.  We have recently been certified GOLD for green tourism  by the GTBS.  The criteria to achieve a GOLD standard in green tourism take into consideration the environment, local residents, businesses, and visitors.  You can find more about the criteria by clicking here.

The Story of Stuff

Ever wonder what happens to your electronics, water bottle or cap and trade.  Head on over to  and find out about “The Story of Stuff.”

New Clothing has arrived!

We are excited to introduce Strathcona Park Lodge’s 2011 clothing line.  All the clothing is either made from 100% organic cotton, recycled material and if you buy a fleece coat your are contributing to 1% for the planet.  More information can be found about 1% for the planet by clicking here.    Buffs, t-shits, fleece coat, hats, native art and more can be found the shop.


"I had a hoot of a time at Strathcona Park Lodge"

It's up there! No, it's down there!

Rocking the red and black fleece jacket. Each fleece jacket sold supports a company which contributes 1% for the planet.

Living City Challenge

Jay Dahlgren is the Gardner at the Lodge and over the winter she was part of a team that submitted a entry in the Living City Challenge.  Currently her teams work is being show in the Comox Valley Art Gallery.  The following excerpt describes the reasoning behind their design

“The metaphor is of a flower:  The underlying principles of the Living Building Challenge is that all development projects should use nature as the ultimate measurement stick for performance.  The Challenge uses the metaphor of the flower to illustrate this principle.

Like a flower, all elements of the built environment are rooted in place.  Yet, a flower has placed-based solutions to meet all if its energy, water and resource needs to maintain balance with its surroundings.  So, image a building, site or infrastructure project that is informed by its ecoregion’s characteristics, and that generates all of its own energy with renewable resoucres, captures and treats its water, and operates efficiently and for maximum beauty; and a neighborhood that has scaled these solutions appropriate to its size and function.”

What if every single act of design and construction made the world a better place? While the human imagination knows no bounds, the Living City Challenge: Design Competition required that entrants model their futuristic cities on existing places – demonstrating how selected city might be adapted to cultivate a rick community fabric that is rooted in its climate, culture and place.  The concepts behind the visualization had to be adaptable to multiple contexts, but grounded in place.  The visualization had to weave new construction and infrastructure into historic buildings and grids that currently define the city in question.  The visualization had to incorporate technology that currently exists, at least as a prototype.  The challenge asked design teams to viualize a truly sustainable city that could conceivably be created over the next twenty-five years.

Jay is having a weekend gardening special here at the Lodge May 12-14 to get you prepared for the upcoming growing season.  You can find out more about the special by going to our Special and Promotions page.

Learn how to be creative with the resources at hand with Jay Dalgren May 12-14, 2011. Here's an exmple of a Canoe converted into a flower box.


World’s Fasted Bicycle Rider

Who knew that the world’s fastest bicycle rider was from Quadra Island, BC, Canada?  Sam Whittingham, Owner of Naked Bicycles, can pedal up to 83 MPH!  WOW, that is extremely fast.  Not only does he own the record for fastest person on a bike, but also for the longest distance gone in one hour at 86km.  You can find out more about his records by clicking here.  For a recent interview on Sam click on the website and click on the Naked Bikes clip.  GO SAM GO!

New carpet is making the lodge even more Eco Friendly!

Not Just Any Carpet

Winter has arrived, maintenance is now a priority and so…a couple of buildings are getting new carpet.

Now, most of us think of carpet as a significant environmental pollutant—the manufacture, and the disposal of the old carpet—which makes sourcing, in line with SPL’s core values like “Stewardship and “More with Less”, a real challenge.
And often more costly.

And they are almost right!

While we have not yet discovered flying carpets (Aladdin, I would like to fly carbon neutal!) for people and goods to arrive at the Lodge—pun intended—there are great ways to make a noticeable difference, but I digress…

When Christine Clarke mentioned that one of the buildings was getting a carpet makeover and that InterfaceFLOR was supplying the carpet, I knew we would get something special, something everybody (Yes you too!) should consider for their home or business. (Disclaimer: I am not shilling or working for Interface!).
So what is this company about?

  • Go here for a short history.
  • For more on their drive to sustainability go here .
  • And finally—this should get your attention—Interface’s drive to Mission Zero in 2020.
  • If you are digital child and you like TED talks, go here to hear from the Founder of Interface, Ray Anderson.

You can make the difference as a smarter consumer, as a child of parents making such decisions, and as someone whose business sense values the planet.
It does count!

Now, if we could just get Ray Anderson (with his philosophy of sustainability) and InterfaceFLOR to make flying carpets!

Christian Stapff