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This is where you can find out what is happening at the lodge and all things that make the lodge, “the lodge.”

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The Vancouver Island White-tailed Ptarmigan is a small grouse with distinctive white tail and wings. While White-tailed Ptarmigan are found across North America and are not considered to be particularly threatened, the endemic subspecies on Vancouver Island is on the BC provincial Blue List. It is considered to be vulnerable to human and natural disturbance, given its small, isolated populations in the alpine.

Picture This! (WYLD)

Paddle on the largest lake on Vancouver Island, Buttle Lake.

Paddle on the largest lake on Vancouver Island, Buttle Lake.

Education is Power

Dave Cuddy is one of our instructors who has started a non-profit called “Education is Power.”  His goal is to put people through high school or university in Africa.  100% of the proceeds he fundraises goes directly to the people(s) in Africa to assist them in getting through school.

Last night we held a fundraiser and movie premier where we raised over $700.  To get a perspective on how far $700 will go in Africa it cost $140 for one year of high school or $1,700 for a year of University for one student.  Read more about Education is Power below.

“Education is Power” mission is:

Through education, we are dedicated to develop the potential in underprivileged East Africans who are committed to the sustainable development and natural conservation of Africa.

We achieve this through providing education opportunities to East Africans at East African secondary and post-secondary institutions.

Support "Education is Power" by going to Shot in the Dark in Campbell River next Saturday night.

Support “Education is Power” by going to Shot in the Dark in Campbell River next Saturday night.

Weather Status Update

We awoke to spectacular double rainbow this morning.  It is now raining lightly with no wind.  All the kids from Southridge had trip prep last night so the knowledge of how to stay warm and dry was passed on.

Kids hanging out at the basketball learning the rules of the Lodge

Kids hanging out at the basketball learning the rules of the Lodge


Flash Back Fridays

MARIA MCLEISH, Daughter of Jack and Lila Berman, 1962.

A plane load of Bouldings and Bermans

A plane load of Bouldings and Bermans

As I recall, my parents began taking vacations without my brother and me the year before my senior year in high school. Johnny had just graduated; Jack got a full month off every August and they would get in the station wagon with their camping gear and head up to their favorite spot in Gold Beach Oregon. Since they were not burdened with two bored teens, they decided to drive up through Washington State to Vancouver Island. After stops in Seattle and Vancouver they went up-Island and camped by the Quinsam River. A park ranger told them about the Lodge and they went up for a visit. They stayed a day or two. That year, 1962, was a banner year for the Tyee and there was a long article in the Vancouver Sun about Jim that my parents saved. Then in 1963 they went again and this was their first extended stay of more than a few days.

You see, there was a problem. Jack (my beloved step-dad) was a very loyal person and he could not bring himself to abandon ‘Pop’s Landing’ in Gold Beach where our family had camped for ten years. Jack and my mother Lila were enthralled with the Strathcona scenery, the fishing, and the young Boulding family. Jack was a great raconteur, Read more

Pack to Go WYLD

Fall 2013 Staff Photo

Fall time at the Lodge is always exciting.  School kids arrive and get to explore Vancouver Islands rivers, mountains, lakes and ocean.  One can walk around the property and fill up on fruit and berries as they come ripe and so much more.  Call 250-286-3122 for more information about the abundant activities available at the Lodge.

The fall staff of 2013.

The fall staff of 2013.

Intergenerational Photos


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Wedding Photographs

Click the link below to view photos of a recent wedding at Strathcona Park Lodge.

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