Flash Back Fridays


Dan McKinnon barbequing salmon west coast style

Dan McKinnon barbequing salmon west coast style

I remember my little West Van self being dropped off at the side of the road to take my Strathcona courses. I felt so out of place. Everyone was a wild bushman and then there was shy me. I had never hiked or paddled or anything. The very first person I met was Jim. I will ALWAYS remember it. He was at the end of the boat dock fish-ing or something. He had on his big hat. I had on a red and white gingham shirt bought for the occasion. I was SO intimidated!!!!

And then it was all down hill as I began the courses. Penny Milbrandt and I were put in a canoe together, and we could not make it out of the paddock. We arrived at the campground two hours after everyone was there! I did ten days in the rain on

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