Flash Back Fridays

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Barbara had a connection to the baby delivery story. The PR was something that Jim didn’t dare miss out on. He took Barbara to the phone that was in our apartment in town. Her task was to phone newspapers and tell them of the amazing story that she had just gotten wind of. It was hilarious as Barbara pretended to have no connection to the Lodge. It is lucky that there was no call-display in those days.

Like many people, the ‘Strathcona connection’ began with Barbara long ago and has carried on in often surprising ways.

I first went to ‘the Lodge’ when I was still a teenager, in the late 70’s. I had been living on the island for a short while and had taken an apartment in Courtenay as a transition until I found a place where I felt more comfortable spending my time., I was idealistic and driven to find ‘my place’ and then to allow opportunities to unfold. Strathcona turned out to be the place. Fortunately money was not my motivator, as money was not part of initial months at the Lodge. I began working at the start of the winter, when there were only a skeleton crew and the Bouldings to maintain the facilities. The atmosphere was warm, intimate, and felt like home.

Nancy Brown with Nick and Josie Boulding

Nancy Brown with Nick and Josie Boulding

I brought youthful defiance, as I smuggled my cat along with me. I lived in a cabin on the waterfront, and naively thought it would be a non-issue. That was until Nancy began to notice her wandering about. It was hard for Nancy who liked birds and did not like cats, not to notice, as my cat decided that Nancy’s balcony was a lovely place to hang out. The more Nancy didn’t want her to be there, the more my cat was determined to torment Nancy. Several times she even managed to find her way into Nancy’s house and take up residency on her bed. She truly thought that she and Nancy were best of friends. Lucky for me, Nancy and I managed to become friends instead. She will never let me forget that cat. Read more