Flash Back Friday


I was in the first ‘Apprenticeship’ program from May to September circa 1977. Prior to that, in August 1976, at the age of thirty, I had taken a three-week ‘Wilderness Leadership’ program. I already knew Jill Chudleigh from our cooperative house in Victoria. She was an intern at the Lodge when I was there. Fellow apprentices included: Betsy Gregg, Wendy Anthony, Alastair Hancock, and Greg Thomason. The program was so intense that we were pretty well joined at the hip.

Barry at the beach

Barry at the beach

I spent some time with Brian Creer during the next few years in various paddling venues and continued to take canoe courses. Eventually I become an instructor. I also hiked Phillip’s Ridge. As far as what I did, I helped out in a variety of areas but I wouldn’t have called it work; torture, maybe.

When I took the apprenticeship course; the fee was nominal, only $1000 for four months.

Here’s the big one for me. My Strathcona experience, along with a follow-up course at COBMS Keremeos, launched me into new occupational direction in the B.C. Corrections Branch, where I had previously been a youth probation officer. I shifted to the government-run outdoor camps for young offenders, a job Read more