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Smoking summer day on the boat dock

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THE BOAT DOCK: Tales of a Scotsman, a guitar and a special place

I was known as ‘Art the Scotsman’ I was in Calgary doing a second degree at the University. After a wrangle with Immigration Canada, I had a practicum at Strathcona in the spring of 1981. I knew Jim Boulding by reputation and felt a little trepidation at our first encounter, as he showed me around the site.

Arthur on his way to Strathcona via ferry

The first words he ever said to me, jabbing the air with the stem of his pipe were immortalized in my mind:

“Stewart, when you’re here at Strathcona Lodge, we’re gonna put you in touch with some God-damned classy people – and over a little while some of their class is gonna rub off on you. But sooner or later big fella, you gotta develop some God- damned class of your own!”

Jim was, for me Sir Edmund Hillary and John Wayne rolled into one – an authentic outdoorsman, tough as old boots, with a flavour of ‘likeable rogue’ about him. I was slow to learn that Jim did not appreciate you letting him walk all over you (as would have been easy) – but rather admired people who stood up for themselves and stuck to their guns, as I would discover later that spring. Read more