Flash Back Fridays


Bob graduated from the University of Toronto in 1972 as a biologist and worked as an environmental assessment biologist in Ontario, until he met Paul Bragstad who convinced him to go meet Jim and “give them a hand”. Bob was a “can do” style of the Happy Warrior. He had a choice bunk: in with Toby Hay, or build himself a cabin. He built the upper dome. The lower dome was built by a Friends World College kid from Massachusetts and was constructed with standard two by four technologies. Bob had learned that an engineer named Jim Bohlen on Denman Island was developing a style of dome that truly reflected Buckminster Fuller’s ideas. Called the ‘icosocabin’, the new style of dome was actually several facets held together by system of nodes. Bob solved the nodes problem by using the strapping used in lumber yards to hold together the bundles of lumber. The dome is still prime staff accommodation. Bob became a senior kayak guide for Eco -Summer and for 18 years led trips all over the world including: Bahamas, Tonga, Mexico, the Canadian Arctic, Terra Del Fuego, Australia, the Queen Charlottes, and the West Coast of Vancouver Island. On April 2nd, 1983 Bob married Marie and they have three kids of their own as well as being the foster parents to many children from difficult circumstances. Bob and Marie are famous on Quadra Island because they choose to foster the kids no one else wants: kids with fetal alcohol. Two years ago there was a fuss with the Ministry of Children and Families. Read more