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Flash Back Fridays


By Doug Paterson and Susan Hellard

Living on the edge was a phrase we first heard at Strathcona in 1979. Nothing defined that phrase more for us than the times we spent at Escalante. Jim Boulding first introduced it to us when we were apart of a flotilla of small motor boats lead by the Fair Isle that ventured down Muchalat inlet to the wild and untamed West Coast of the Island. We still visit this incredible part of Vancouver Island annually with dear friends and other former employees of the Lodge, Clark Munroe and Bunny Shannon. Our spirits fly in such a place.

Living On The Edge Strathcoan style on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

Living On The Edge Strathcoan style on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

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Flash Back Fridays


Jim Boulding—My Mentor

When I think of Jim Boulding I remember someone who believed in me. His gruff voice saying “You can do it” made me take a big gulp and then just go do it. He was right, I could do it! My confidence started to soar. I found myself running white- water rivers with joy, and leading groups to the west coast on my own. I was filled with an exuberance for life as I did these things! The skills to make this possible were learned at the Lodge so I was confident in the knowledge that I could take on these challenges safely and responsibly.

There were of course memorable moments….Escalante was and is heaven for me, with the beauty and the power of the west coast. I treasure the skills and learning I received from all the resource people who came out on the trips.

Thanks to Hilary Stewart for sharing love and respect for plants and how to use them, cedar especially. I still love to weave baskets every year when we are at Escalante.

Thanks to Ray Williams at Nootka for stories of the trickster of the west coast as we sat in a sweat Lodge. Read more

Flashback Fridays


Tent cabins at night

On Sunday, May 25, I accompanied the grade six students from Salt Spring Elementary and Fernwood schools on their major field trip ofthe year to Strathcona Lodge on Vancouver Island. This was my first opportunity to participate in a major trip, and I looked forward to it with great anticipation.
As a parent, I have always been one hundred percent in favor of field trips, but now, as a school trustee, I have a further responsibility, to ensure that we are offering our students a thorough, well-rounded education; one that will prepare them to take their place in society with the best educational foundation possible.

By joining the kids on this outing, I would have an opportunity to witness first-hand the value of this type of program. After a bit of confusion (who would not be confused, trying to bed down 63 kids) we stowed our gear in our respective areas of accommodation. It was obvious from the start that there was favouritism girl and boy-wise at Strathcona. The girls got the plush ‘college’ building, complete with indoor plumbing (including showers), shag carpets, heat and brand new beds, and the boys got the tent- cabins, shipped directly to Strathcona at great expense right after the Boer war.

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