Flash Back Fridays

Jim Force 1976

I first came to the Lodge in the summer of 1976 to take part in a leadership course for educators taught by Ray Preece and Geoff Evans. When staff wished to take groups to the bog they had to walk along the highway, which was rather dangerous. As a service project the participants of the leadership course cut a trail through the bush from the Lodge to the bog. Upon completion of the trail we had a great unveiling of the carved wooded sign that one of the participants made. Jim Rutter, dressed in a dress as the Queen and I dressed in coat and tails, a long-sleeved wetsuit top, as Prince Phillip, preformed the opening dedication to what is now known as the Preece Evans Trail. The trail has been used by groups ever since. However, for environmental reasons groups no longer go for a dip in the bog. But when they did it was great fun to really experiencethat the bog was made up of decomposing moss and not mud. It was the best of experiential learning.

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