Flash Back Fridays


The Campbell River Courier, Thursday, August 8, 1985

The first annual Strathcona Summer Writing Workshop and Festival Weekend held at Strathcona Park Lodge got off to a good start last weekend. Organizer Jane Sellwood PhD did an excellent job of mixing an informal, relaxed approach with a busy, full, and intense schedule of events. Novice writers and educators interested in creative writing attended workshops, readings, and discussions directed by B.C. poets, novelists, and playwrights.

Poet Tom Wayman got things rolling by discussing “Writing About Work”. He said the writer looking for material that is both human and largely ignored should consider writing about work.
Wayman claimed work is a taboo subject in most modern writing. The movies portray every exotic, lurid, and perverse human activity but almost never show anyone working. Novels and TV shows about policemen or doctors ignore truthful accounts of routine police work or day-to-day medical practice.

Veteran freelancer Arthur Mayse talked about the tough times and hard-won joys of writing for a living. He traced his career from writing short stories for the old ‘Saturday Evening Post’ to brainstorming with his wife Win a series of TV scripts for ‘The Beachcombers’. Generous and forthright, Mayse has learned how to survive in a profession that offers few rewards and one only one promise: write for 20, 30, or 50 years, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of who you are. Read more