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Flash Back Fridays

THE SPIRIT OF STRATHCONA A story by David Boulding

Tony Hunter

Tony Hunter

The Spirit of Strathcona is people, ideas, and energy coming together. For example, Young Adrian Koeleman escorting a bus load of German tourists has a fan belt break in the Rockies miles from any garage or parts store. What does he do?Adrian turns to the group and speaks to the women. He explains he needs them to get their suitcases out and go through their lingerie and give him all their pantyhose. He says he must make a fan belt from their nylons so they can get to the next town. Excited, the women lay out their suitcases on the Trans Canada Highway and pass Adrian all their nylons. The bus moves along, not overheating, and several German women have a Canadian story that will amaze their friends for years. Read more

BC Teachers Strike

Jamie Boulding was recently interviewed by CHEK News about the BC teachers strike and how it is affecting Strathcona Park Lodge.  Click on this link  to be taken to the news clip called “Field Trips.”