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Sixty-one students from Vancouver’s Jericho School for the deaf are about to experience sports, fitness, and life in the wild at its best.

Learning how to bake bread at SPL.

Learning how to bake bread at SPL.

The students, some totally deaf, some with only minor hearing impairments, are to be the guests of Strathcona Lodge Outdoor Education Centre from Sept. 29 to Oct. 3.

Under the guidance of eleven of the Lodge’s most qualified instructors, the students will be given lessons in kayaking, canoeing, sailing, and bread baking.

“Because some children born deaf usually have some accompanying physical impairment, only some will be able to take part in over- night camping and back-packing trips,” said the Lodge’s assistant manager Nancy Brown.

Students range in age from eleven to seventeen years, and some have never left the city to experience life in the woods. Some have never camped; some have never been active in sports.

“Just to experience all these things will be great for them,” Brown added.

The five days with the students won’t be all easy going,” says Brown, who explains that the children must be under constant watch. Instructors must also use an interpreter, supplied by the school, to speak to most children. Some children are also suffering poor eyesight, and poor balance. Instructors must treat the students with added care, Brown implied.

Brown explains that Strathcona Lodge is frequently accepting student groups from September until the end of October and has the capacity of sleeping up to 150 youngsters.