Flash Back Fridays

“Wilderness in jeopardy: see it before it’s gone”

By Myrna Boulding, the Campbell River Courier, Thursday, September 25, 1986

The former minister of Lands, Parks and Housing, Jack Kempf, spoke to the Gold River Chamber of Commerce on Sept. 16, not on Strathcona Park as he was originally scheduled to do but on forestry, his new portfolio.

He will make a good forests minister. That is where his heart lies. My con- cern is with parks, particularly Strathcona Park, now in the hands of Austin Pelton along with environment.

Relaxing at Landslide lake after hiking up the Elk River Trail.

Relaxing at Landslide lake after hiking up the Elk River Trail.

If Mr. Pelton has ideas very different from Mr. Kempf it will invalidate much of what I have to say, but I expect consensus within the Social Credit Party has pretty well been established regarding the future of Strathcona Park.

At the 75th birthday celebration of Strathcona Park on Aug. 4, Mr. Kempf promised a detailed review of plans for this park with public hearings to be held in Campbell River and Courtenay sometime this fall.

His stated objective was to make sure of the continued orderly development of our parks system, with a first step toward meeting this goal being to implement the con- clusions of the Wilderness Advisory Committee.

He said that this process was now well under way. The question is, what constitutes orderly development? Read more