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Flash Back Fridays


Campbell River Mirror, June 11, 1975

A face of determination on the high ropes.

A face of determination on the high ropes.

This week at Strathcona Park Lodge, three different programs have been planned for three schools, Crofton School from Crofton, Somenos School from Duncan and Gold River School, from Gold River.

The Gold River program which has been organized by grade six teacher Julia Davies, is the most ambitious undertaking which has ever been conducted at the outdoor centre.

Two weeks have been structured to allow 336 children from kindergarten to grade seven to experience a wide range of outdoor activities and to live together in a new environment. Read more

Trip to Strathcona Park Lodge (Slide Show)

Flash Back Fridays

THE CAMPBELL RIVER COURIER— Wednesday, May 21, 1971

30 students from Campbell River took part in an” “Environmental GrooveIn” at StrathconaLodge last weekend. The students from the Junior and Senior High Schools were taking part in a supervised social/educational experience that included a student teacher conference to plan the 1971-72 Grade 10 environmental curriculum. Read more

Flash Back Fridays


I went through the usual college stuff to obtain a teaching diploma and taught Phys. Ed. at an all-boys school in Plymouth, England for three years. Following that I worked at the Out- ward Bound Mountain School in the Lake District for two years. This was followed by my “wandering” years where I traveled and worked at the Minnesota O.B. School during the summers and returned to the U.K. in the fall. I was eventually asked to stay as Assistant Director with the goal of establishing a year round program and this I did until I received a letter requesting me to register for the “draft”. This annoyed me as I had already served my two years in the RAF when I was 18!!! So I returned to the U.K with family in tow. All of this took place between1959 and 1970. In 1971 I was offered the directorship of the recently opened Outward Bound (O.B.) School in Keremeos B.C. which I took on and I stayed there until 1974. That was the year that we all met the government people in Victoria. Anyway that began my association with the Lodge. As you probably know I started my own whitewater kayaking school in 1976 and Barb and I ran it until 1998 when I lost my depth perception due to an eye injury. We still kayak. Both Barb and I are partly bionic, having had new hips but we are still able to get out and about. Read more

Flash Back Fridays


In early 1974 a very unfortunate event that happened when a group of school children and their teachers set out to paddle down the Willow River near Kamloops, B.C. and many were drowned. First, Jim and Elizabeth met with the Deputy Minister of Education. Later, Jim, Alice Culbert and Geoff Evans met with Eileen Dailly in her office and told her of the need to train teachers in Outdoor Education so that such an accident would be unlikely to happen again.

Standing proud in front of the front entrance of Strathcona Park Lodge & Outdoor Education Cetre

Eileen was the Minister of Education with the NDP, a left wing party then in power. Eileen’s list of accomplishments while in office is long, but among the highlights are the introduction of mandatory kindergartens in the province, the abolishment of capital punishment in B.C. schools, and the creation of the first Native School District. From my point of view, a highlight of her career also included her decision to educate teachers with large scale programs to be run at Strathcona Lodge that following summer. Read more

Outdoor Parenting

Journey into the world of climbers, surfers and skiers as they embark on the biggest journey of their lives….raising kids!  Click HERE to go to the website dedicated to raising “the little ones” in the great outdoors. Enjoy the website!