Flash Back Fridays


In Ontario schools these days, “character education” is one of our “big ideas” (love those buss terms: and “Environment” is something you look up on the Internet). I can just see JB flipping through the curriculum binder and laughing: “what are ya, a bunch of wimps?” That’s what he’d say, and rightfully so.

Strathcona Poem

You build character getting yourself – and others- up Elk Horn, King’s Peak, Auger Point, Flower Ridge

Y ou build character cooking for a hoard of ravenous outdoor enthusiasts
You build character sitting at a plank desk in the eco-cabin, with a giant wolfspider on the loose, and your last candle puddling out

You build character digesting Logan Bread
You build character running for miles along a mountain road, wary ofbears, Raven somersaulting overhead

You build character paddling alone down the lake because you like your own quite company Read more