Flash Back Fridays


We had been active in teaching in the public school system after graduating from both PE and Education at UBC. We had become aware of a Wilderness Leadership Course that was available. If teachers were prepared to use some of their “summer holiday,” districts would subsidize the costs of the three week course. We were excited to hear we had been accepted.. We had no preconceived ideas of the site, the instructors, the region, the food, or the overall philosophy behind becoming a wilderness leader of young people.

We were introduced to our instructors, Geoff Evans and Ray Preece, the 12 other members taking the course, and the managers of the Lodge, Myrna and Jim Boulding.

Bruce crossing a river

Bruce crossing a river

Ray and Geoff had both emigrated from England where Geoff had excelled in kayaking and Ray as an outstanding sailor and general outdoorsmen. Both had worked for Outward Bound. Jim and Myrna had had other instructors but these two seemed to have a real chemistry. There was immediate respect for their personal backgrounds and what they brought to program at Strathcona. Read more