Flash Back Fridays

ROB WOOD AND JIM – 1986 A Story by David Boulding

While Jim died in 1986, he is still alive to Rob Wood and other like-minded folks. Rob Wood climbed in the Himalayas, in Yosemite, England, Baffin Island, and of course, Colonel Foster in January. Rob recognized an immediate spiritual kinship with Jim’s restless spirit. Jim was a teacher by profession; his classroom was Strathcona Park and the west coast of Vancouver Island. The untamed geography matched his big heart and big teachings. On more than one occasion he advised his survival students, “If the weather is bad, you have to learn to think like animal.” This wild animal intensity was infectious as his students soon were caught up in his energy and devoured his various teachings. Jim’s animal spirit, best seen in a breaching Killer whale, allowed him to connect with people because he convinced them that they mattered, and that the natural world mattered. For Jim, and likeminded, the natural world was alive and we needed to fit in and not to conquer. He would frequently say, “The natural world is not an obstacle course,” a dig at those who would choose routes that offered only physical challenges. Read more