Flash Back Fridays


By Judy Wright, 1975

A student with one of Judy’s puppets.

Judy first came to the Lodge with Laurie Wood. A former teacher and skilled craftsperson, she made the puppets featured on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) film “Living on the Edge”. She met her husband Jeff Kingston at the Lodge. Judy raised her two children on an island homestead off Cortes. Judy is a marvelous cook. She has returned a couple of times to help us out in the kitchen over the years.

1975 was a lean year at the Lodge and the winter saw a young, unpaid staff who worked for food, room, postage stamps and the occasional ride to town. Life was good but on long winter evenings we gathered around the library stove and dreamed of funding to relieve the financial pressures of the moment. By the light of oil lamps, our long discussions gave birth to the idea of the Rural Resource Village as a way to support our idyllic lifestyle and also to introduce the world to a better way of life. The concept was refined and developed by the writing of a grant proposal to the ‘Canadian Urban Demonstration Program’. Although the grant was not awarded, we were a close runner up. The idea of a Rural Resource Village stuck, the proposal became the long term development plan for the Lodge, and today it is an interesting record of Lodge history. Following is a summary of the ideas presented in the grant proposal by a group of early environmentalists and idealistic educators. Read more