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Steve Smith 1976

Steve first came to the Lodge in 1977 with Doug Scott, the famous British mountaineer and Everest climber. He returned to work at the Lodge the following year and stayed about three years. Steve came with extensive experience in the UK working with what he called ‘hoods in the woods’. He was always cheerful with an impressive knowledge about outdoor tripping. The leaders learned a lot of new ways to work with inexperienced or difficult students from Steve. Among other things he was an excellent singer of British pub songs and played the mouth organ. Along with his wife Marlene, the vet- erinarian, Steve has been involved with the ‘Friends of Strathcona Park’. Steve and Marlene are more familiar than any other person that I know with the many trails and uncharted routes in the Park.

Soon after his arrival Steve was put to work helping Mr. Caflisch Sr., a stone mason from Switzerland, to dig out and build a root cellar. It was not unusual for new people to be given challenging jobs upon arrival to see if they were made of the right stuff.

Steve tells the following story about Jim Boulding:

Steve Smith in Centre

Steve Smith in Centre

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