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Picture This! (#SPL)

Upper Campbell Lake rose 140 feet to its current level today in the late 1950's.  Before the Valley was flooded it was logged making for some unique and beautiful paddling on Upper Cambpell River.

Upper Campbell Lake rose 140 feet to its current level today in the late 1950’s. Before the Valley was flooded it was logged making for some unique and beautiful paddling on Upper Cambpell River.

Flash Back Fridays


By Ryon Guedes (In October 20, 1972 edition of the Ubyssey)
Sixty ‘Arts I’ students recently attended a weekend symposium at Strathcona Park Lodge to make an informal study of man’s relationship with technology and nature. Section B boarded a bus Friday which took them across the Strait of Georgia, up Vancouver Island and finally to the Lodge, which lies 30 miles southwest of Campbell River.

Jim Boulding with ‘Arts I’ students

Jim Boulding with ‘Arts I’ students

Next morning, bright and early, after a hearty breakfast, the discussion leaders introduced the initial activity. This consisted of a seminar exploring the Robinson Crusoe idea; with the premise that a given group of people from modern technology were stranded in the wilderness with certain materials, climate and terrain. The ideas discussed, then, were the immediate needs of the supposed group, long term problems it would face and eventually, the formation of a civilization. Activities for the rest of Saturday were unstructured, devoted to Read more

Education is Power Fundraiser

Education is Power (EIP)an East African charity registered in Canada, is run by Dave Cuddy, Outdoor Educator at Strathcona Park Lodge since 2005. He founded the organization in 2008 after his experience in the Canada World Youth Program.  He continues to run the organization as a volunteer through a network of volunteers and no administration costs.

“I am so grateful for all the support from Strathcona Park Lodge towards Education is Power. Back in 2006, Strathcona Park Lodge donated a large portion of funds that I had to raise to go on my Canada World Youth exchange which allowed me to start this whole project!” says Dave.

At 7pm on Saturday, October 12th at Shot in the Dark Café in Campbell River don’t miss the Education is Power Fundraiser Extravaganza.  Come support EIP, check out great local artists, perform on the Open Mic and engage in the presentation. Performing artists include Shane Philip (Winner of Vancouver Island Music Award’s Best Live Act), Helen Austin and Daisy (Helen was the winner of the International Song Writing Competition and a Juno Finalist in 2013), Judy & Bruce (Acoustic duo from the Comox Valley), Kyell Erickson (Carhi 2013 Alumnus), and DJ Marcel Marechal. Entrance is by donation.

All proceeds go directly to help disadvantaged African leaders study at African schools, with the end goal of using their education to help their community develop sustainably. Education is Power has supported 25 students to date and there are many more students on the waiting list in need of funding. The target for the fundraiser is $1700, which is the same amount it costs for one year of university tuition in Kenya and it is also the amount that was raised at EIP’s fundraiser in Kenya last February.  This was an astounding support from locals who contributed greatly in comparison to the average salary of $1.50 per day in Kenya. Dave Cuddy organized that event with other Kenyans involved in EIP. He will do a talk with pictures and video at the October 12thfundraiser.

Cuddy is also calling out to teachers in the region to take on the project with their students and support an EIP student while also having Skype meetings with that same student they raise money for. He is available to do talks with pictures and videos up until November 10th this year or next spring when he returns from his fourth trip to East Africa. He can be contacted atdavecuddy@educationispower.org or learn more at www.educationispower.org.

Dave Cuddy in action in Africa.

Dave Cuddy in action in Africa.