Wilderness Youth Leadership Development

Some people ask us what we do here at Strathcona Park Lodge & Outdoor Education Centre and why they should come here.  Here is a quote from a Southridge Grade 10 student in 2010.  It sums up a lot of what we hope to achieve when people leave the lodge.

“Our leaders got us to play a few quick games that first day, and over the course of the next five days we learned many more, like the “human knot” and others.  Each game was fun, but it was more than that.  Each game taught us who we are or where we stand or how we deal with tricky situations in terms of leadership.  With each game I gained more confidence to speak out, which is something I can hopefully continue improving over the course of my life. That’s what the annual grade 8 and 9 trip to Strathcona is about.  Learning about who you are without technology and becoming a leader.”

Enjoying the sunset after sea kayaking in Nootka Sound