Flashback Fridays


Tent cabins at night

On Sunday, May 25, I accompanied the grade six students from Salt Spring Elementary and Fernwood schools on their major field trip ofthe year to Strathcona Lodge on Vancouver Island. This was my first opportunity to participate in a major trip, and I looked forward to it with great anticipation.
As a parent, I have always been one hundred percent in favor of field trips, but now, as a school trustee, I have a further responsibility, to ensure that we are offering our students a thorough, well-rounded education; one that will prepare them to take their place in society with the best educational foundation possible.

By joining the kids on this outing, I would have an opportunity to witness first-hand the value of this type of program. After a bit of confusion (who would not be confused, trying to bed down 63 kids) we stowed our gear in our respective areas of accommodation. It was obvious from the start that there was favouritism girl and boy-wise at Strathcona. The girls got the plush ‘college’ building, complete with indoor plumbing (including showers), shag carpets, heat and brand new beds, and the boys got the tent- cabins, shipped directly to Strathcona at great expense right after the Boer war.

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