Flash Back Fridays


Both you and Jim impacted my life in ways you can never imagine…..

I remember starting life at the Lodge. I had just returned from Europe to Gold River. I had the “travel bug” like crazy but I didn’t have two pennies to rub to- gether so disappearing to another country wasn’t even possible. So I did the unthinkable on Gold River standards…I applied for work as a housekeeper at the Lodge. Now the reputation among the logging town of Gold River was not always favourable to the hippy, tree hugging, mother earth loving beings who resided at the Lodge and quite honestly people in town thought I was nuts for being willing to travel to the Lodge daily just to clean rooms. But the people in Gold River had not had the life experience I had in Europe and the Lodge offered the international flavour I was craving so badly.

Chris Lawrence, Wilf Wilson, and Valerie Trevis

Chris Lawrence, Wilf Wilson, and Valerie Trevis

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