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Western Slipstream Visits Strathcona Park Lodge

Strathcona Nordic Ski Team

Thanks for the great Spring!

Spring has come and gone.  It’s officially summer as of yesterday which means school is just about done or finished for some.  We’ve had another great spring of school groups and we would like to thank them all for coming.

Here is a reflection from a 13 year old grade 8 student from McNair Secondary who came here in September 2008.  As educators we may never see the effect that we have on a child; comments like this let us know that we are making a difference.

“This camp (Strathcona) had really taught me a lot about myself and who I can be.  I learned that it’s about putting your all into something and believing you can do it.  It isn’t really about being the first one to finish, or being the best at something because the only one you’re competing against is yourself.  If you go further than you ever dreamed possible or if you take one more step when you thought you couldn’t go anymore, that is what you truly should be proud of.”

For those interested in coming during the summer we have our Wilderness Youth Leadership Development (WYLD) camps for youth aged 12-17.  More information can be found by clicking HERE.  As well, if you are a youth group, team, or looking for a team initiative we can accommodate you.  More information can be found by clicking HERE.


Kayaking in one of the three swim bays.