Flash Back Fridays


Jim Boulding said, “We are going on a ghost hunt. We will be looking for old, old ghosts who have great and important things to tell us.” He is, as you see, a romantic who can make sleeping under a hollow log sound like a night in the Peninsula Hotel at Kowloon.

Jim and his wife Myrna run this Lodge, the only outdoor education school of its kind, with some of the stuff of Camelot in it. More, perhaps, than the harder stuff of profit.

The famous FairIsle

The famous FairIsle

They put together the 20 buildings on the shore of Campbell Lake while teaching school. Since 1972 they have operated here full time, selling instruction in such antique subjects as wilderness survival, white water canoeing, mountaineering, native B.C. life styles, outdoor winter camping, living off the land and log cabin building.

In summer they have a staff of about 30 instructors, all dealing in some way with challenge, adventure and a form of tribalism – the things which are scant or absent now in the cities where most of us are trapped. This ghost hunt was to last three days and two nights on the ocean face of Nootka Island. There, according to the school’s native life styles instructor, the Moachat Indians say that men first learned to hunt whales.  That was in the days before the spirit beings and the human beings took up separate lives. The name of this legendary village was Tahsis and it was somewhere near the mouth of the river we named the Beano, just inside the reef which the Spanish explorers named Bajo.

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