A unique location, better instructors, more experience, unique trips, empty backcountry and cool destinations are all reasons to do a WYLD Expedition.

Better Instructors

Because of the environments we operate in we demand more from our instructors (they are not summer camp staff). They work with youths in an outdoor education environment year round and have the certifications and skills to do the job safely.

Unique programs

We’re the only company taking youths into many of these areas, including sea kayaking trips to Nootka Sound. On many of our trips we don’t see other people.

More experience

We’ve been leading trips in our backyard longer than anyone, since 1959 in fact. And we’ve been taking kids into the wilderness longer than almost anyone else in Canada. Experience breeds more knowledge, safer expeditions and a better trip for participants.

Why do WYLD as well as a school program?

Dozens of schools visit Strathcona Park Lodge every spring and fall so their students can learn in an outdoor classroom. These programs are just touching the surface of what can be learned and experienced in an outdoor education experience.

WYLD Expeditions take off where school programs left off. There’s little repetition as the goals and itinerary of school programs and summer camps are different. Participants spend more time away from Strathcona Park Lodge learning camp crafts and self reliance. They’ll build on skills touched on during a school visit and they’ll meet new people with similar interests.

If a student liked their school experience, they’ll love a WYLD Expedition.